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Warmachine: Galleon and January Releases Unboxed

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Jan 28 2013

There were a lot of cool Privateer releases this January, but as a long time Merc player I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was Galleon that I was the most excited about.  Finally those “real” factions will truly fear me (cue maniacal laughter).

Here are all those pieces.

No the head doesn’t come attached to the torso, but I wanted to show off both pieces at once.

Holy Thamar, look at the size of that claw!

The harpoon is no joke either.

The knees here are so peculiar that I wanted to get a close-up.

I also really like the crates they included with the kit.  Just this one tiny detail really helps to convey the Colossal scale of this guy.

Here’s another new release: the Warspear Chieftain.

Some more for Legion: the Afflictor.  

Any new releases for Thornfall are welcome.  Here are their new Razor Boars.


Finally the Bog Trog Warlock everyone’s been asking for… here’s Rask!  Thornfall players can only hope Midas is this awesome.

 Finally we have another new plastic Trollblood warbeast: the Swamp Troll. 

Unlike most of the other plastic light warbeasts, this guy uses the identical sculpt of the original metal.  I happened to have an old one around that I had always meant to paint, so I decided to put up a side by side comparison.  You may notice a slight loss of detail in certain areas, (mostly just on the fish nets on his forearms) but I still think it will paint up nicely.  I guess you have to sacrifice something to keep prices from going up.

I’ll leave you with this angry Swamp Troll face.

~ Now just in case some of you out there are saying: “hey wait a minute!  There were other things released in January!”  Well you can see the Cyclops Savage here, and the Troll Impaler here.  I don’t have a Warpborn Alpha to show you (sorry), but Relasine should be writing an article about the impact of this new model on the Skinwalker unit soon.  I didn’t bother with the new packaging on the Immortals and Pygs, and I still haven’t seen the new Stormguard or Epic Vyros.  I know those last two are supposed to be out so there’s a good chance you may have seen them on the table already.  And now its time for me to get back to painting Intercessor Kreoss!


Ben Williams
Author: Ben Williams
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