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Tau Tactica – New Changes & Tactics Review

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Apr 14 2013

I spent a good part of my free time over the weekend breaking down the new codex, and tried to make some optimum army builds both with allies and without.

The new book has tons of potential for the Tau, and I really think we’ll see them hitting the tables at national level events starting with WargamesCon in June.

Modelwise with this release, once again GW seems to have raised the bar with the new multi-part plastic kits like the Riptide suit (small head notwithstanding) and the Broadsides.

Be sure to checkout my model review article that dives right into the kits themselves. I think it’s a great way to see the new kits, firsthand, and get ideas for conversions and more!

The codex itself  re-introduces the Tau with a few new toys, but keeps their play style once again as a primarily “overwhelming application of fire” type army. Again with the right allies you can get crafty with their play style I think.

I was going to write out this whole list of changes and things, but my notes are kinda jumbled. It sounds a lot better on the video below than what I can type out at this point. So if you got the time, hit play below and just listen to it. There isn’t much to look at, it’s just mostly me talking about the new book.

However here are eight brief points and highlights that I think are worth taking a look at.

1) Overall I think most Tau builds will be competing for what goes in the “Elites” slot to set the tone for the whole list, which is a departure form the mostly force org balanced previous three codices IMHO.

2) Eldar and Space Marines are Battle Brothers for Tau, so it’s possible to get some Divination or Biomancy spells for them that way. Personally if I was running crisis suit heavy I think Biomancy is better, but don’t forget the plain old codex Null Zone power as a possibility either!

3) I am very impressed with Pathfinders and their supplemental drones. If you keep these guys in cover they can really support the rest of the army, and they are very hard to actually effectively engage both by shooting and assaults (if you take the grav drone).


4) Skyrays while good on paper I think really get gimped if they actually move (but the seekers can be blind fired so you can shoot a lot more than you think IF you use Marker lights to their full potential).

5) I think for a “run and gun” type Tau army Broadsides with missiles may be the go to for the heavy slot perhaps. Keep in mind that moving and firing with the Broadside missiles only really become effective if they have Prescience cast on them as well.

6) I can also really see where you can get abusive with the Iridium Armor (2+ save,  T5) crisis suit upgrade, if you put that model in the front to absorb incoming fire. Splash in some re-roll abilities or even Divination or Biomancy spells for the squad, and a unit of crisis suits can get super effective really quick.

7) That being said I am very partial to Farsight’s ability to once again field a crisis retinue, and his new  pinpoint deepstike as well (don’t forget that Iridium armor trick above). Now mix that with Fusion Blasters and Target Lock upgrades, and you may have the only effective way to deal with armor 14 in the book.

8) Shadowsun, can combine with Aun’va to form a super squad, and contribute some very effective combos to the army (and their squad) as well I think.

That’s about all I can spitball at the minute, without sounding too “inside baseball” I hope.

What effective combos are you seeing so far?-MBG


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