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40K: Ten Reasons Fateweaver Doesn’t Suck

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Jun 11 2013

Today’s topic is an old Warhammer 40k 5th Edition nemesis; Fateweaver. Remember him – BAWK-BAWK!

While he hasn’t make such a huge splash in 6th yet, I still think he’s worth a second look as the Daemon Warlord selection.

MBG’s Top Ten Reasons Why Fateweaver Doesn’t Suck(?)

10. His warlord trait lets you re-roll (both dice) for bad result on the Warp Storm Table!


9. Now he has FIVE wounds (which he needs lol cause he can cast up to, and possibly peril, four spells each turn)
8. Fateweaver’s Shooting is BS 5 so you don’t really need to waste casting “Prescience” on him (remember he knows all the Lore of Change shooting spells, plus whatever else he rolls for)!
7. He can re-roll one friendly die roll perplayer turn, which IMHO is one of the most powerful abilities in the game currently.
6. Now he is a flying monstrous creature, so he’s hard to hit if you leave him swooping around your backfield supporting your army with blessings and maledictions.
5. Fateweaver is cheaper to field now!
4. The Staff of Tomorrow (which allows the re-roll per player turn) is a Hell Forged Artifact and works whether he is on the table or not.
3. He can get the Primaris Power (or a randomly generated one) from four of the psychic disciplines, so tailoring his abilities to counter to your opponent’s strength is a huge boon.
For example if going up against Tau, the Primaris Pyromancy power may help dig out pesky Pathfinders hiding in cover.  Conversely hitting units with reverse Daemonic Instability (Psychic Shriek) seems like a very Tzeentchy (and fun) thing to do.

2. Daemons are Battle Brothers to Chaos Space Marines, Allies of Convenience to Imperial Guard, and Desperate Allies to Tau and Orks; all of which could easily use a re-roll per turn to change a game in their favor!

Daemon Weapon rolls, Manticore shot results, Nova Reactor “gets hot”, or Loota shot quantity rolls, respectively, come to mind as potential game changers!

1. Fateweaver has a 4+ Invulnerable save naturally so it only takes one augment (Grimoire of True Names) to get him down to a 2+ Invulnerable.

Plus he’s a Daemon of Tzeentch so he would then get a 2+ RE-ROLLABLE INVULNERABLE SAVE until his next turn (because Tzeentch Daemons re-roll ALL saving roll results of “1”)
If you happen to fail the grimoire roll, you can use Fateweaver’s Staff of Tomorrow to re-roll that result, giving him a 80%+ chance(?) of always having that save per turn!

Combo that with his ability to swoop and it would take a “6” to hit him in the first place- even before even rolling to wound him. If he does manage to get grounded, you get to re-roll that as well with the Staff of Tomorrow (in your opponents turn) to help protect him further!!!!

Don’t forget if your opponent is shooting at Fateweaver this much, you probably still have the majority of your models alive and closing fast on the enemy lines.


Well that’s it for this time, and I hope this list has made you think about pulling the two-headed warp chicken off the shelf.


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