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HOBBY: Sanguinius vs Bloodthirster Conversion You MUST See

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Oct 7 2013

I love a good conversion just like anybody else, but when Isotope99 said he wanted to recreate Sanguinius vs Ka’bandha I knew I was going to have to protect my eyes from the AWESOME!

First up was the basic build of the conversion.  This mighty beast uses:

Angrath the Unbound: Ka’bandha
Angron: Sanguinius main body
High Elf Phoenix: Wings
Maulerfiend: Whip
Honored Imperium: Aquila Base
Khorne Etched Brass Symbols
Lots of green stuff and misc bits.

Assembled diorama and the source painting


As you can see, Isotope99 has combined the wings from the High Elves Phoenix with a slimmed down Angron to make a fantastic Sanguinious.  The visual effect of Sanguinious’ wings being aflame is inspired converting!  Raising such a large bulky model as An’grath up on a flaming pedestal to give the appearance of an airborne duel is pulled off well, as are the little details like the Blood Angels banner bearer being beheaded by a Bloodletter.  Very impressive to tie this all together while staying fairly true to the source painting.

Then Isotope99 painted the sucker…


HOLY COW – I’m stunned!!!

A couple of points here.  The artificial lightsourcing, and minimal palette is again a bold choice, especially for such a pricy complex diorama!  The sense of white-hot heat boiling within the Bloodthirster’s body is palpable. I especially like the eyes on it’s enormous pauldron as well as the glowing wings of the Primarch.

I love the feel of anguish on Sanguinius’s face.  It apparently takes a giant mop of flowing blonde hair to transform enraged Angron into a tortured and noble primarch – well done!

You can follow the full thread here – it’s worth taking a look.

start here, and keep going…

If you forgot, here was Isotop99’s previous AMAZING Lord of Skulls conversion.


Lets’s give the man a hand – AMAZING WORK!

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