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New Dark Elves Pics- NOV White Dwarf Review

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Oct 28

The Black Arks are on the move, and the Dark Elves are restless.

MBG here, and as you’ve probably heard by now, The Dark Elves had another wave of figures released this month, along with quite a few holiday items and digital products as well!

For the first time in recent memory Games Workshop released a wave of new figures (and a rules expansion; Fantasy’s Triumph and Treachery) during the holiday season, in perhaps an ambitious bid to up sales numbers of their Fantasy line.
Speak of Fantasy, the Dark Elves have now pretty much received a complete revamp of their line minus their Corsairs, Dragon, and Cold One Knights kits.

As for the White Dwarf itself, once again about 1/3 of the magazine is advertisements for new models, books, and digital releases. 

Plus if the initial reaction to the Sentinels of Terra Digital Supplement was a give-away, these next digital releases and digital to hardcover releases, will leave us scrambling further to hobby and meta our armies.

Not to be second fiddle to their big brother, Forge World is showing off some terrific products this month as well.



So obviously this issues showcased the newest Space Marine models, and went over some unexpected releases like the new Damnos Apocalypse Expansion, and Horus Heresy models..

This White Dwarf was once again about 150 pages, with the normal 1/3 of the magazine devoted to new product features, and summaries (which included the aforementioned Forge World, Black Library etc. previews).

Once again this issue had all the normal articles, from Kit Bash to Paint Splatter but saw the return of Blanchitsu after quite an absence in the last year or so (and led some people to speculate that the next “mystery box” will be a Blanchistsu style skirmish game because of that)!

The paint splatter article was pretty amazing, and heck once again I’d buy the mag just for that. They showed how to paint the new Dark Elves, and how the new “Special Effects” paint works as well!

The Parade Ground article featured a very good looking Sons of Horus army by a long time GW staffer. The color scheme for this army was actually way easier to do that I originally guessed so I recommend taking a closer look at this article if your are getting your Horus Heresy gaming on.


This month’s battle report (pitting five of the White Dwarf Staffers vs each other) was pretty cool and featured the new campaign book for Fantasy; Triumph and Treachery.


I really enjoyed the section showcasing the new “Special Effects” paints, as it not only showed them off, but explained the best uses for them as well.

My personal favorite, and I’m sure it’s soon to be a staple game store gag here in the future, is the Nickelodeon style Nurgle slime!


That’s all for this time guys.  -MBG


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