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OMG – You MUST Read This GW Job Posting!

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Jan 27 2014

So you all are familiar with the constant non-stop ribbing GW gets for its’ interactions with it’s customers.  Well take a look at this Job Opening:

About the Job

Do you want to help Games Workshop revolutionise its customer experience?

We are looking for someone to spend the next two years turning over every – and we mean every – stone to find opportunities for how we can improve the customer experience in our stores and recommend the ones that will work. We aren’t talking about incremental improvements; we want to completely re-imagine what it is like for people coming into our stores, engaging with and buying our wonderful miniatures.

For the duration of the post you will be exploring opportunities all over the world, trying out the ideas and talking to both the people who designed them and the people who use them. You will need to agree your plans directly with the CEO and provide regular updates on your progress. Your final report to the CEO will need to include workable proposals for how we can transform the customer experience in our stores so that the chosen initiatives can be handed over to our strategic projects team.

It should be obvious that this role will require a huge amount of travelling on your own to find these opportunities, to observe them in action and, most importantly, to try them out for yourself. To be successful you will need to be truly obsessed with the customer experience.

So, two questions for you fellow gamers:

1) It sure looks the message has penetrated the Corner Office that something needs to be done in the customer relations department.
2) What would you do if you had that job?
~PS Who’s applying?

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