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40K RETRO: Chaos Has Knights Too!

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Feb 20 2014

In this season of Imperial Knight frenzy, it’s understandable for some of the other races to feel left out.  But GW history tells a very different story…

Yes we are at the dawn of something amazing. (hint – it’s Knight on Knight fights)

In the last 12 months, a handful of old EPIC models have returned to 40k in amazing 28mm scale.

The Marines got the Hunter, Nids, the Haruspex and Exocrine, the Eldar got their Knight, and now the Imperials are about to get theirs. Heck, IG got the Deathstrike years back.

There is a lot of circumstantial activity pointing to Adeptus Mechanicus somewhere lurking about.

But Chaos in particular is kind of looking about sadly.  Yes they got the Hellturkey, so don’t shed too many tears for them, (and I certainly consider it a stand-in for the EPIC Chaos Doomwing).

But remember that the GW Design studio seems happy to walk down the path of bringing the rich world of EPIC with its deep range of large scale 40K kits into glorious hyper-detailed 28mm.  Guess who ALSO had a bunch of Knights back in the day?  Take a look and take heart my corrupted brothers and sisters.

Don’t be surprised if one day, the Ruinous powers get their turn with a range of demoniacally powered Knights of their own.  It can’t come too soon!

So what EPIC vehicles do you want to see in 40K next?


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