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40K: The King is Dead? – Fighting the Knight Titan

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Mar 19 2014

It’s only been a few weeks since it’s release and still the Knight titan has players up in arms about how to deal with it.

Rules clarifications aside, overall the Knight seems to be a solid unit, but by no means an auto-win button for anyone.

While superpowerful in combat  (Four attacks with a “D” Weapon, Str 10 Hammer of Wrath, and Stomp), a true commander may want to learn to use terrain to their advantage to master a Knight.

Terrain provides both cover to facings without Ion Shield protection, and can also shield the Knight from assaults allowing for greater battlefield longevity if you can only field this unit singly.

However this is a double edged sword, as that same cover can slow it down to a crawl movement wise, as the Knight only has the move though cover rule (even though it can move 12″ in open ground).

Plus enemy units can lurk in area terrain with grenade attacks that go at initiative against a Knight assaulting them, as the Knight has no way to ignore attacking at initiative 1 when assaulting though difficult ground.

The Knight also has difficulty dealing with flyers as well, as its main weapons can not target them.

It’s very possible that if the Knight becomes common place in tournament play that the fastest response to dealing with them may be army lists fielding multiple flyers even!

What ways have you found work best with facing the Knight on your tabletop?  -MBG


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