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Astra Militarum Tempestus – White Dwarf #9 Review

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Mar 31 2014

Well I think the question still stands. Is the Astra Militarum the new Imperial Guard, and what the heck is a Tempestus?

The new Weekly White Dwarf is here, and it may just be a case of “to be continued” if you’re looking for a solid answer to the mystery of the new Imperial Guard.

But there is plenty to see as far as the new models go, plus a sweet Paint Splatter article, and a full battle report to boot!

Once again the (weekly) White Dwarf was 32 pages long, and of course showcased the new Taurox and Scions models first and foremost.

They even included rules for both of the new kits as well, which I am sure will help gamers decide if they want them or not (and sell White Dwarves).

This week’s Paint Splatter article was a refreshing recovery for last week’s “how to drybrush craters” segment, as they went over a ton of vehicle and flesh tone techniques that will come in quite handy with the new line of tanks and infantry!

The battle report was pretty entertaining as well. Titled “To Kill a C’tan” it pitted Eldar and Tau versus a star god and it’s accompanying Necron host.

Again this article was a great rebound from last week’s wimpy battle report summary that again featured Imperial Knights.

So what’s next for the Astra Militarum? Who knows maybe a book, maybe some Ogryns! Tune in again next week for another sneak peak and hopefully some more great content!



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