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40K: Astra Militarum Supplemental Codices are Coming!

Apr 21 2014

It looks like those missing Astra Militarum characters won’t be gone for long.  Here’s the latest!

Warseer’s StrykerSniper says:

Astra Militarum Heroes Return!
So, those of you who have purchased the new Codex: Astra Militarum will notice the loss of most of the old imperial guard officers, especially those without models, but some like al’Rahem, Chenkov, and even Marbo. Well, I’ve been told by a pretty darn reliable birdy that some supplements are in the works. I am not sure which ones will return, but I have been informed that something along the lines of codex: catachans is in the works. The big releases with these supplements is merely a rerelease of temporarily discontinued characters, but no new boxed sets. Oh, and aside from remaining legal due to forgeworld, don’t look for a Medusa or bombard, not gonna happen.

I had a funny feeling GW would find a way to bring back at least the Characters who DID have miniatures such as Chenkov, Al’Rahim, and Marbo.  Plus in this era of supplemental codices coming out for outfits as minor as Cromson Slaughter, the famed AM Regiments certainly would be low hanging fruit for the design studio.

~So how would you order the regimental codices?

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