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40K: Top 10 Reasons 30K is better than 40K

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Apr 15 2014

Forgeworld is racing ahead, making a game that offers everything the fans want with none of the BS.  Here’s 10 reasons you should be playing:

1: Legion Rules – I’ve been holding out for “40K CSM” Legion rules of over a decade and all I got was Crimson Slaughter… HH has 12 Legions so far and EVERY ONE is good!

2: Adeptus Mechanicus – Again, what’s the point in pining away for a Mechanicus codex for 40K when a perfectly good one is already published in 30K.

3) Primarchs – From Curze’s nasty throwing knives to Alpharius’ battlefield tricks, to Vulkan’s Hammer of You’re Dead you just can’t match the coolness and majesty of playing with one of the Emperor’s kids on the tabletop.

4) The Cool Toys – Volkite weapons, Graviton Guns, Phosphex, Rad-Missiles, and more exotic Machanicus weapons than you can shake a stick at.  You want to play with the cool toys – 30K is where it’s at.

5) Actual High Tech – Jetbikes, Cataphractii Terminator Armor, Malcadors that go fast, Robots.  Why play in the low-tech future when you can play in the high tech past?

6) Knights – So you’re happy about your new Paladin and Errant? The HH books already have the Knight Lancer in an armylist.

7) Heroes of Legend – With 30 novels and counting, the HH Forgeworld books give you rules for tons of your favorite heroes and villians.  Pask is no Erebus!

8) That FINE Corinthinan leather – Gotta love books you can defend your home with!

9) Lords of War that WORK –  HH has rational limits on how to use Super heavies in your games.  You get the fun without the unbalanced craziness of Escalation.


10) More Awesome Fluff than you can take in in one setting.  It has been said that the true beating heart of the entire 40K universe is the deep roots of the Horus Heresy, with its oversized heroes and villians, and galactic level stories of betrayal and loyalty.

Why play in the ignorant rotting corpse of the galaxy – play when it really mattered – play in the time of Legends!

Hail the Emperor!
For the Warmaster! 

Why haven’t you tried a game of Heresy?  Come on over – the water’s fine!

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