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40k Unboxing – The Warmaster Horus Lupercal

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Apr 18 2014

Lupercal, Lupercal! After 25 years, The Warmaster has arrived!

Horus Lupercal, Archtraitor, Warmaster, Favored Son, all of these terms barely scratch the surface of describing one of the most iconic characters of Warhammer 40k.

Now that the first official figure has been released, this larger than life legend shall continue on for a new generation of gamer playing the Horus Heresy table top game.

The model itself is pretty remarkable, with a level of amazing detail all over the figure perhaps unseen in the past.  Plus there is a great destroyed stair banister display base to mount the completed figure assembly to.

This figure is the biggest of the primarchs produced so far, easily eclipsing even Ferrus Manus’ girth. Consequently Horus is packaged in the larger double sized Horus Heresy collectors box.

Chaos player or not, this model makes a great display piece for any Warhammer 40k aficionado regardless.

The Kit

Horus is available for 60 pounds (~$99) from Forge World.

Horus the Warmaster, designed by Simon Egan, is an amazingly detailed multi-part resin model armed with the Warmaster’s Talon and the great power maul Worldbreaker and is equipped with the unique suit of Terminator armour known as the Serpent’s Scales. This model stands atop a scenic base depicting a ruined Imperial balustrade and stone staircase and is also provided with a smaller removable base for gaming use. As one of our Character Series models, Horus is supplied in a handsome presentation box. -Courtesy Forge World



Press play below for our video unboxing to see the kit for yourself!   -MBG

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