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HOAX ALERT: Wood Elves Rule Pages are About…

Apr 22 2014

A set of Italian Wood Elf rules are doing the rounds and are probably fakes – forewarned is forearmed.

We had several folks contact us about these and decided to get the details out to the community before it went too far.

+++Possible Wood Elf Hoax Alert+++

Some notes on the Purported Italian Wood Elves pages: (you can find them yourselves, it isn’t hard)

1) The uploader account to imgur is named “salty”
2) The art is very inconsistent with known GW artists and styles. Some is old GW art, while some seems very out of character for GW . At least one has an obvious artist signature on the piece which GW tends to disallow. If its a fan-made set, there are probably lifted pieces of art from places like Deviant Art, etc… 
3) The pagenumbers are odd (they are way too low). Most WFB armybooks do not get into the unit description pages until the mid 30s. The earlier pages are the introduction and army background.

GO-GO-GO – Lots more goodies in there!

Everyone just breath – the Wood Elves will be here in days. It would appear that stuff like this is occurring more and more these days.  Have at it folks.

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