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Malifaux Unboxing: Claw and Fang Box Set

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Apr 26 2014
Enter the ring, and prepare yourselves to witness the savage fury of Marcus and his beasts!

The Claw and Fang box contains the beast centered master Marcus, his Henchwoman Myranda, totem Jackalope, and three beasts (Razorspine Rattler, Sabertooth Cerberus, and Cojo). It’s a bit of an odd box, since not only does it include several models on non-30mm bases, but it also is one of the only ones not to include a minion in triplicate. The inclusion of several large beasts means there’s a lot of plastic here, everything pretty much fills up two entire sprues in the box.

Marcus cuts an imposing figure, with his (VERY thin) skull staff and rams head codpiece. Definitely a nice figure, but some more careful assembly will probably be required between the staff and several other small pieces.

Myranda’s a very compact model. Her crouch puts most of her limbs in close to her torso, making her seem like a much smaller model than most 30mm bases. The inclusion of some rocks for her to stand on is a nice touch to raise her back up a bit, but it might not work for all basing schemes.

Speaking of small…the Jackalope is tiny! It makes sense though in that it’s a tiny horned demon bunny thing. Continuing Wyrd’s favorite bit of including grim little trophies around some of the models, it’s perched on a lovely decapitated head.

Cojo is…well, a large terrifying gorilla. A fantastic model (especially in the jaw area), I’m just a little weirded out by the mold lines around him. Most of the Wyrd plastics I’ve seen lately don’t have many at all, but he has some rather prominent ones running all along the body and limbs.

So many head pieces! The Sabertooth Cerberus was one of the models that originally drew me into the first version of Malifaux, who doesn’t like a 3 headed cat? Again, the rock for her to be standing on is a nice touch, except for the fact that most of the paws are sculpted on to that instead of the legs, limiting your other basing options unless you’re a decent modeler.

Scales scales scales! The Razorspine Rattler takes me back to my time painting up a Blindwater Congregation army in Hordes. A very long curvy body, and the scale/spine pattern is simple enough you should be able to greenstuff in additional length, letting you curve the body in different ways if you so desire.

I like the box overall, it gives you some potent options, and the selection of multiple high cost beasts is good for giving you pieces to use for Myranda’s shapeshifting power. The only nitpick in selection is it might be a little trickier for beginners, not having duplicates, so that they have to figure out how a higher number of different models function. The beasts themselves aren’t horrifically complicated though, so that shouldn’t be too big a problem.

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