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Gwendolyn Gifford

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Attack Wing Faction: The Borg

Gwendolyn Gifford 4 Minute Read Sep 13

Resistance is futile Star Trek Attack Wing fans… Welcome to the ranks of the Borg! Before we pack you off into a ship with your thousands of new drone buddies, let’s take a quick look at what the Borg do that separate them from the other factions. First up is the new regenerate action, which […]

Legend of Malifaux: Killjoy

Gwendolyn Gifford 5 Minute Read Aug 31

For when you absolutely have to crush something in melee…  Meet Malifaux’s Killjoy! Killjoy: a lumbering abomination hailing from the badlands. A neverborn cursed with undeath centuries ago, he wanders from location to location seeking a means to die…and failing that, to bring as much blood and carnage as possible. A wise employer would find […]

Unboxing Malifaux: The Bayou Boss

Gwendolyn Gifford 4 Minute Read Jul 27

The swarm’s coming…and it’s drunk. Take a closer look at Wyrd’s recent offering: So! The gremlins re-enter the fray as a full on faction with their first mark 2 plastic crew box. Som’er originally was a metal box in mark 1, as well as a small offshoot of the Outcast faction. Let’s see what’s inside: […]

Starting Malifaux Crews: Open Graves

Gwendolyn Gifford 5 Minute Read May 4

You could bury your opponents, but it’s much more fun to turn them into a slavering zombie horde… Open Graves 101 Models: 6-7 (Nicodem, Mortimer, Vulture, 3 Punk Zombies, 1 potential mindless zombie) Max Soulstones: 44 (The 6 main models, max soulstones, max upgrades) Strengths: Undead Buffs, Resilience Weaknesses: Ranged Game, Speed Crew Strategy The […]

Malifaux Unboxing: Claw and Fang Box Set

Gwendolyn Gifford 4 Minute Read Apr 26

Enter the ring, and prepare yourselves to witness the savage fury of Marcus and his beasts! The Claw and Fang box contains the beast centered master Marcus, his Henchwoman Myranda, totem Jackalope, and three beasts (Razorspine Rattler, Sabertooth Cerberus, and Cojo). It’s a bit of an odd box, since not only does it include several […]

Malifaux Unboxing: Open Graves Crew Box

Gwendolyn Gifford 3 Minute Read Apr 16

Presenting Nicodem, the Gentleman Necromancer, and his horde of katana wielding zombies! The Open Graves box contains a sprue that builds up Nicodem, his assistant grave digger Mortimer, the Vulture totem, and 3 Punk Zombies, plus assorted stat and upgrade cards for the models. Nicodem himself is a very tall, thin model (and the top […]

Starting Malifaux: No Shelter Here Crew Box

Gwendolyn Gifford 7 Minute Read Mar 22

Abandon hope all who attempt to face off against the mighty Pandora… No Shelter Here 101 Model Count: 7 (Pandora, Baby Kade, Candy, Poltergeist, 3 Sorrows) Points Playable in Box: 48 (All 7 models, max soulstones, max upgrades) Strengths: Control, Model Synergy, Slow/Paralyzed Weaknesses: Opponent’s With High Willpower Where crews like Lady Justice and the […]

Malifaux Unboxing: Witchling Stalkers

Gwendolyn Gifford 2 Minute Read Mar 5

Witchling Stalkers: illegal mages hunted down by Sonnia Criid’s task force, who have had their minds burnt out of them and now exist solely to destroy other mages. Cool! Originally available as part of the Torch and the Flame box set (AKA the Sonnia crew), the Stalkers are now available separately in packs of 3. […]

Starting Up Malifaux: Hired Swords

Gwendolyn Gifford 6 Minute Read Jan 5

“A sword never kills anybody, it is a tool in the killer’s hand” -Lucius Annaeus Seneca Hired Swords Boxset 101 Model Count: 7 (Viktoria of Ashes, Viktoria of Blood, Student of Conflict, Taelor, 3 Ronin) Points Playable in Box: Up to 46 (All 7 models, max soulstones, max upgrades) Strengths: High Damage Output, Sister Buffs […]

Starting Up Malifaux: Dark Debts

Gwendolyn Gifford 5 Minute Read Dec 29

Come in to the casino. First hit’s free, and nothing bad could ever happen… Dark Debts Boxset 101 Model Count: 5 (Jakob Lynch, Hungering Darkness, 3 Illuminated) Points Playable in Box: Up to 34 (All 5 models, max soulstones, max upgrades) Strengths: Multi Use Debuff, Card Tricks, Durability Weaknesses: Model Count, Long Range Agent of […]

Starting Up Malifaux: The Guild’s Judgment

Gwendolyn Gifford 7 Minute Read Dec 2

Boom! Headshot…time to land some critical hits on those pesky undead with the Guild’s Judgment crew box. The Guild’s Judgment Boxset 101 Model Count: 6 (Lady Justice, The Judge, Scales of Justice, 3 Death Marshals) Points Playable in Box: Up to 41 (All 6 models, max soulstones, max upgrades) Strengths: Adaptable Crew, Critical Strike on […]

Wyrd Releases: Jetpack Unicorn

Gwendolyn Gifford 2 Minute Read Nov 30

The world needs it, but is the world ready for…a Jetpack Unicorn?! 3+ players, ages 13+, 10-60 minutes One of Wyrd’s first releases into the non-miniature gaming scene, The World Needs a Jetpack Unicorn is a party game reminiscent of Apples to Apples (or the ever growing in popularity Cards Against Humanity). Setup behaves in […]