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Outside the Box 04-04-14

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Apr 4 2014
Everybody is at AdeptiCon and I am just sitting here looking at cool stuff on the internet…

The Eisenkern “Keilerkopf” APC is finally a real thing:

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The Creature Caster Kickstarter will launch on Saturday, April 19th, noon EST:

The Deadzone terrain is now available and Mantic also published plenty of new previews for this system:

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As every week, new previews and artworks for Darklands!

The Imperial Hurricane Walker and Valpurgius for the Dark Legion are coming soon:

New miniatures for Bushido, Yusha for the Savage Wave and The Grey Pilgrim:

 -> More GCT Studios News

Warlord Games released several new sets for the German DAK and more Hail Caesar Levy troops:
Additionally, they announced a new faction for Beyond the Gates of Antares, the PanHuman Concord:

Cool Mini or Not presents some of the resin masters for the Shael Han in Wrath of Kings:

New sets of heads were added to the human trooper range:

The Celestial Creatures are this month’s addition to Kensei:

 -> More Zenit Miniatures News

Anvil Industry shows a first picture of the Unity Council Strike Drone for Afterlife:

Perry Miniatures

The American War of Independence plastic Continentals can now be pre-ordered:
A new group of Adventurers is up for pre-orders:

A three-axle version of the Casspir will be available soon:

And something wacky last: Nightfolk Miniatures is a new range from
Northumbrian Tin Soldier Ltd:
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I am sure we will se a lot of Keilerkopfs (Keilerköpfe?) in the future.

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