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WFB: – Wood Elves Minis – Week 2 Info

Apr 23 2014

A busy day, following up on yesterday we are getting a better idea of the week 2 releases.  Let’s hit it.

Initial word for week 2 was:

-Giant hawk based triple unit-combo kit
-Mounted unit (stags)

Todays batch of gamer magnifying glass examination reveals:

The various pictures going around have shown what appears to be 2 distinct types of mounted deer/stags of some type, so it seems a safe bet we can pencil those in (almost certainly a combo-kit).

A new character with two axes

The Eternal Guard box looks to be are a dual-kit with Waywatchers.
Finally there is THIS AUCTION on eBay that has some eyecandy to look at.  WOW is that Treeman HUGE!

GO-GO-GO – Lots more goodies in there!

It would appear with all this talk of triple-unit combo kits that GW is stuffing as many new units into the fewest possible kits for this Wood Elf release.  To me it sounds like a solid plan to give WFB solid support in terms of units while minimizing development effort compared to 40K.

Have at it folks.

  • GW Latest Video Teaser is a Doosie!