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WFB: Wood Elves Week 2 Minis Details & More

Apr 29 2014

 Wood Elves week 2 releases hit this weekend and the initial reports are in:

via La Taburna De Laurana

Sisters of the Thorn / Wild Riders : €29
 New plastic box with five dual kit multicomponent cavalry miniatures.
-The Sisters of Thorns are immortal witches, and fight mounted on deer.
-Wild Riders are the personal guard of Orion, armed with long lances.

Eternal Guard / Wildwood Rangers : €31
Plastic combo-kit – ten models. Parts are included in the box for Command Group consists of a Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician.
-Eternal Guard are armed with spear and shield.
-Wildwood Rangers are are armed with a two-handed blades.

Guardians of The Deepwood : €190
Limited stock Army Bundle.
-Treemen x3
-Dryads x36

There are also Wood Elves week 2 minis pics about…

GO-GO-GO – Lots more goodies in there!

This is perhaps the most I’ve anticipated a WFB releases in a long while.  The Wood Elves have certainly earned their new book. Have at it folks.

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