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40K 7th Edition: Battle Brothers Mixing and Matching

May 23 2014

HOLY MOLY!!! Did you hear about the changes to Battle Brothers! Buckle your seatbelts.

via Kirby’s 3++ 

Allies Rundown – Confirmed Rules!

Battle Bros – benefit from warlord trait; ICs can join; “friendly units” for psy powers, abilities, etc.; can use special abilities to repair vehicles; can use modifiers and re-rolls on reserve rolls; can embark on each other’s transports

Allies of Convenience – treated as enemy units that cannot be charged, shot, attacked or targeted; cannot move within 1″ of each other; no warlord, no IC joining, and basically none of the above stuff but are impacted by that effect enemy models.

Desperate Allies – same as AOC plus if within 6″ roll a D6, on a 1 they do nothing

Come the Apocolypse – same as Desperate but cannot deploy within 12″ of each other.

No restrictions on scoring for any allies. yes they get objective secured.

So off the top of my head look for things like:

Ogryn in Land Raiders


Howling Banshees in Raiders

Fire Dragons in Venoms

Centurions in Tauroxes

Blood Claws in a Storm Raven

Incubi in Wave Serpents

Eversor in a Land Raider (SURPRISE!)

It’s a crazy world out there!


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