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40k 7th Edition Rules – Top 10 Truth Squad

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May 22 2014

People have the book. One of them has a Kirby on it.

So, let’s look at the major changes. You can see everything over here at 3++ is the New Black – I’ll be tidying up the comments later in another post but a quick fire summary change commences now.
  1. Psychic phase added – you can throw dice at powers and at denying but I expect psychic reliance will drop; you cannot attempt to manifest the same power in the same unit
  2. Brotherhood of Psykers / Psychic Pilot counts as Mastery levels for generating warp charges
  3. Area terrain and Focus Fire removed
  4. ICs cannot join any sort of MCs or Vehicles
  5. All Ally types score. Even Come the Apoc. All Troops get Objective Secured. Even vehicles (so dedicated transports for Troops)
  6. You can have as many detachments as you want in a “normal” army
  7. FMC cannot land and assault the same player turn
  8. Jink is a 4+ cover save declared before To Hit rolls are made; Snap Shots only
  9. Missions are the same except objectives are placed before table halves decided (Maelstrom are complete different missions which utilise the Tactical Objectives; I foresee these being brought in as secondaries for tournament missions)
  10. Player who deploys first chooses who goes first after deployment
  11. D-weapons only ignore invul/cover on a wound / pen of 6
Those are the most obvious changes that are jumping out at me so far. Once I’ve settled down and stopped answering queries as I said, I’ll put together a summary of everything and look at it there.
Consolidate into combat, -2 BS for snap shots and -2 cover for ignores cover were false rumors.
First impressions – 6.5 with psychic phase.
Ask any questions and I’ll try and answer though more and more have the book now :).

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