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Grey Knights – Top 10 Changes

Kirby 4 Minute Read September 5

Grey Knights are out and about and I’ve finally been able to get in some games. Here’s the skinny… Kirby from 3++ is the New Black. Yes I’m still alive; no I don’t like you :). Lots of things are obviously different with the new shiny silver Marines but let’s take a look at what […]

Ork Codex – Is the Army Worth it?

Kirby 12 Minute Read July 11

The Ork codex is out and lots of people are going round and round with it as usual. Most of them doom and glooming on both sides. How unusual Internet… Over at 3++ is the New Black, Scuzob has been working on an initial Ork Codex review while AbusePuppy has put his initial impressions together […]

40K TRUTH SQUAD: Ork Codex Rules!

Kirby 11 Minute Read June 28

Kirby has the Ork codex in hand and takes us through all the big confirmed rules and changes. Thanks to Jidmah for putting together a lovely copy of all the Orky changes (plus Ghazzy) for 7th :). So, since our codex has arrived early due to GW‘s very own Mek technology shooting the codex into close […]

40K: Jink, Jink, Jink and You

Kirby 7 Minute Read June 18

Jinking is one of biggest changes in 40K 7th for almost every army.  Here’s why! The rule changes for 7th edition are both tiny and major; easy to spot and not so easy to spot. One of the most obvious is the change to Jink and given how commonly used these units were, this has […]

40K: 6 Ways to Fix Maelstrom Missions

Kirby 4 Minute Read June 13

Maelstrom missions can be saved!  Help me fix them or the kitten gets it!There are lots of little changes that are putting some pretty big impacts on 7th edition – in the right direction I feel. I’m not a deathstar fan – I don’t like massive individual models or units which are wrecking balls, etc. […]

40K Truth Squad – Top Rules Impacts of 7th Edition

Kirby 2 Minute Read June 6

Now that we’ve actually been playing this game, let’s look at what we’ve found to be the BIGGEST impact changes of the game so far. We’ve been playtesting madly at 3++ is the New Black and will hopefully have some battle reports soon as we get our head around this but for now, let’s see […]

The Truth Squad – Top 10 FAQ Changes

Kirby 3 Minute Read May 30

We’re back and there’s still lots to go through but with the FAQs being released, let’s focus on any changes or clarifications outlined there before we go back into the great depths of 7th edition. We did a really quick summary of the major changes on 3++ is the New Black but let’s look at […]

40k 7th Edition Rules – Top 10 Truth Squad

Kirby 2 Minute Read May 22

People have the book. One of them has a Kirby on it. So, let’s look at the major changes. You can see everything over here at 3++ is the New Black – I’ll be tidying up the comments later in another post but a quick fire summary change commences now. Psychic phase added – you […]

40K TRUTH SQUAD – Top 10 Weekly Confirmations

Kirby 4 Minute Read May 20

Kirby here with a welcome to the weekly (in theory) Top 10 of confirmed rules (and the odd rumor) and their impact upon the game. We get news at the Australian office of 3++ is the New Black before you slow pokes in the rest of the world (it helps to be on the fast side of […]