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40K: 7th Edition Starter Boxed Set Contents

May 9 2014

We’ve been hearing a lot of late regarding the new Warhammer 40k Starter set.  Here’s the latest.

Now before we start, there have been multiple reports over the last few months of a Blood Angels vs Orks boxed set and that is the trend continuing today.

Here is what we’ve heard:

Blood Angels (suitably bedazzled)
– Brother-Captain w/JumpPack
– Tactical Squad (10)
– Assault Squad (5)
– Terminator Squad (5)
– Dreadnaught with Autocannon and Multi Melta (?)
– Limited Edition: Sanguinary Priest
– Warboss
– Weirdboy
– Shoota Boyz Mob (10 or 20, conflicting reports
– Slugga Boyz Mob (10 or 20, conflicting reports
– Kommandoz Mob (5)
– Mega-nobz Mob (5)
– “Orkified” Aegis Defense Line (no gun)
– Misc. small Objectives
Don’t be surprised to see the starter paint set change to Blood Angels.

~So how do you think that stacks up vs Dark Vengeance?

  • Wargames Gallery 5-8-14