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40K 7th, Official Price and Munitorum Edition

May 14 2014

Oh my – the 40k 7th Edition drip-drip-drip just wont stop.  We now have an official price and details on the fancy-pants “Munitorum Edition”

image via Astropate

Official Prices

So, Official release date of the 24th (with pre-orders going up May 17th)

40K 7th Edition – 3 Volume Slipcover: $85

Psychic Powers – 50 Cards: $15

Tactical Objectives – 36 Cards: $8

Image via DakkaDakka:

Munitorum Edition:

Price: $360
2000 Copies Only
Comes in heavy-card box
Extra art book included: “Visions of the Dark Millenium”
Rulebook is in a smaller size format (150mm x 205mm)
Large A1 sized Galaxy map
6 Metal Objective Markers
36 Tactical Objective Cards (unique design)
50 Psychic Cards (unique design)

way more info there…

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