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40K: The 11th Hour Confirmations – Universal Special Rules

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May 23 2014

Down to the wire,  with the rulebook only hours away,  here’s the latest bunch of 40K 7th rules:

via Kirby’s 3++ 

Acute Senses – same 
Adamantium Will – same 
ATSKNF – no more extra 3″ on regroup 
Assault Vehicle – can assault from vehicle unless it arrived from reserve that turn 
Armourbane – roll additional D6 for armor pen 
Blasts – same with Apoc extras thrown in 
Blind – same
Brotherhood of Psykers – contributes to psychic dice pool 
Bulky / Very / Extremely Bulky – same
Barrage – same 
Deep Strike – same 
Concussive – I1 if hit by this until end of next assault phase 
Counter-attack – same 
Crusader – same
Daemon – same
D-weapon – 1 = nothing; 2-5 = pen hit with D3 HP; D3 wounds; 6 = pen hit D6+6 HP or wounds – no saves only from 6 
EW – same
Fear – same
Fearless – same 
FNP – 5+ same 
Fleet – same 
Fleshbane – same 
Gets Hot – same 
Force – psy power as discussed 
Furious Charge – same
Graviton – same as SM codex 
Hammer of Wrath – same
Hatred – same 
Haywire – same 
Hit & Run – same 
Ignores Cover – same 
Instant Death – same
Independent Characters – cannot join infiltrate units if it does not have it. cannot join MCs
Infiltrate – same (as is outflank) 
Interceptor – same
It Will Not Die – same 
Jink – choose to take jink save before enemy hits are resolved, may only snapfire next turn
Lance – same
Master-crafted – same 
Mighty Bulwark – same 
Melta – says against vehicle but otherwise same (im noting this as armourbane says armor values; not vehicle armour values) 
Missile Lock – reroll to hit rolls when one use only weapons; D6″ scatter instead of 2D6″ for one use only 
Monster Hunter – same 
Move Through Cover – not slowed by charging through difficult terrain; auto pass dangerous 
Night Vision – same
Pinning – same
Poisoned – same 
PotMS – same
Precision Shot – same 
Preferred Enemy – same 
Psychic Pilot – contributes to psychic dice pool 
Psyker – discussed elsewhere…
Rage – same
Rampage – same
Relentless – same 
Rending – same 
Repel the Enemy – charge on turn disembarked from building 
Sentry Defense System – can auto fire with weapons even if unoccupied 
Shred – same
Shrouded – same
Skilled Rider – same
Skyfire – normal BS against air; snap against ground 
Slow & Purposeful – same 
Smash – all attacks AP2 and can choose to replace with 1 Smash attack at double strength and can re-roll armor pen 
Sniper – same 
Scout – same
Soul Blaze – same 
Specialist Weapon – same 
Split Fire – no ld check required 
Stealth – same
Strafing run – same 
Strikedown – same 
Stubborn – Same 
Supersonic – same 
Swarms – same 
Tank Hunters – same
Templates – same 
Torrent – same 
Twinlinked- same 
Twohanded – same
Unwieldy – same
Vector Dancer – second pivot 
Vector Strike – 1 hit unless FMC or Flyer. AP2 at strength and random allocation. Ignores cover. counts as shooting a weapon but not against a target (i.e. can shoot another weapon at a different target) 
Vortex – same 
Zealout – same.

~Tick Tock –  Tick Tock – it’s getting so very close now!