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40K: The BEST of FAQs – The WORST of FAQS

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May 28 2014

GW releases perhaps one of the oddest set of FAQS yesterday.  Here’s why:

Here are our top responses/questions to yesterday’s initial 7th Edition FAQS:

#7 Orks summon Daemons?  So yes I know it’s probably only going to last for the next two weeks, but still… WTF?!?  They took the time to even kick out this ruling while ignoring some of the other stuff below?

#6 Jaws of the World Wolf is Gone!  Can we all come together as a community and agree that while the loss of the entire set of powers for Space Wolves is sad, I don’t think many tears will be shed for the end of the era of JAWs.  Now it can live on in our memories – alongside 13th Company, Vehicle Construction Rules, and Chaos Androids…

#5 Sisters Get Left Out In the Cold…  Again, and again, and again.  Like Lucy taking the football away from Charlie Brown, part of me wonders if there is some kind of new edition ritual in GW HQ “The Dissing of the Sisters”…


#4 Shadow in the Warp?  They might as well change this rule’s wording to: “Tyranid Players may now take 5 minutes each game searching through their codex in frustration before sinking into disillusionment.”

#3 Hellturkey’s Baleflamer is now bolted into place!  I guess those discount Dark Mechanicus swivel mounts didn’t have a warranty.  Space Marines everywhere breath a sign of relief… Salamanders feel nonplussed.

#2 Eldar Serpent Shield Survives Unscathed!  – Suck it Mon-keigh!  Nope, apparently it wasn’t a typo, it wasn’t meant to be only 1 shot, or have a 6″ range.  It’s exactly like Phil Kelly wanted it.

#1 Main Rulebook FAQ is Only a Matter of Time – The questions are already piling up.  Go ahead and think about your biggest question fromt he new rulebook and write it in here.  We will wait a week and send the whole shabang to GW.


Happy hump-day folks! 

  • BREAKING: 7th Edition FAQs are UP!