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BoLS Wants You!

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May 19 2014

BoLS is growing and we are looking for some new community writers/evangelists to spread the word about even more games. We currently have spots to fill including:

-News Correspondent (Warmachine/WFB/Malifaux/Netrunner/Other FFG Card Games, X-Wing)
-Hobby Correspondent (Any system) 
-Tactics Editorialist  (Warmachine/WFB/Malifaux/Netrunner/Other FFG Card Games, X-Wing)

What does this entail you ask? Well, his or her duties are as follows:

BoLS News Correspondent
-Scouring through blogs, Youtube videos, and forums to find news-worthy information across a variety of assigned wargames systems, and general gamer gear.
-Discerning true “news-worthy” pieces vs. unsubstantiated rumors
-Writing short summaries of news pieces and submitting them to BoLS on a regular basis
-Citing news back to its original source
-Maintaining and upholding a neutral and professional tone in news articles

BoLS Hobby Correspondent -We are looking fro some of the best painters/converters/terrain makers out there.  You will be:
-Working on short-form original pieces highlighting all aspects of the painting/converting (non-playing) part of the hobbyr hobby and or tutorial pieces and submitting them to BoLS on a regular basis.
Samples of hobby work will be requested

BoLS Tactics – Editorialist We are looking for the best players and the most opinionated gamers out there. If you have the best kung-fu for your favorite game system or have a talent for standing on the soap-box we want to hear from you. You will be:
-Writing short tactics and gameplay pieces and editorials across a variety of assigned wargames systems and submitting them to BoLS on a regular basis.
-Writing short editorial and opinion pieces and across a variety of assigned wargames systems and submitting them to BoLS on a regular basis.
Credentials, wargaming experience and history will be requested

In all cases, the ability to take and submit quality photos or upload Youtube videos is a plus.

If you think you have what it takes and would like to join the BoLS crew, please fill out the questionnaire below and email us at [email protected] Subject line: BoLS CREW

We’re looking forward to your applications! And will be in contact with all the details shortly.


-Avatar or Forum Name:
-Location and Time Zone:
-Days and Times Available to post Content:
-Instant Messaging Name and Protocol (MSN, AIM, etc.):
-Tell us about any previous writing experience. Do you have your own blog? Worked for a paper? If you have no previous writing or editing experience, tell us why you are perfect for this spot?
-Writing a “beat” is never an easy task. What qualities do you think a “BoLS Correspondent” needs to possess?
-What sources do you generally use to get the latest news about Wargames? What RSS feeds have you subscribed to?
-How would you typify your attitude or “style” as a writer?
-Tell us why you want to be a contributor for BoLS.

-What game systems do you play (40K, WM, Malifaux, Netrunner, etc…)?
-Have you worked with Blogger? WordPress? Youtube?

UPDATE:  Thanks for everyone who is emailing us and please be patient while we work through them.  We will be in touch as soon as possible.

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