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First Look Review: X-Wing Miniatures GR-75 Rebel Transport

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May 2 2014

“General, prepare your troops for a surface attack.” Thus begun one of the greatest Sci-Fi fantasy sieges in recent memory, the Invasion of Hoth.

Today we take a look at the heavy lifter transport that helped the Rebels evacuate Hoth, the GR-75.

This new ship also unlocks a new way to play X-Wing Miniatures: Epic Mode.

The new release also contains both the new “Huge” class of ship, the GR-75, and an alternate paint scheme X-wing that can be used with a few “classic” X-wing pilots from the moves.

Value wise this expansion seems solid as just a large and a small ship totals up to $45, and the retail on this kit is $60 (which is basically two large ships and a small ship IMHO).

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