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Ork Gorkanaut – Pricing and More

May 25 2014

Confirmation is continuing to come in from across the pond. The Ork Gorkanaut has a price!

images/info via LaTaburna:

White Dwarf 18’s cover says:

GORKANAUT!Beware the Waaaggh! The Orks are on the rampage with a colossal new war machine!

And here’s the big boy’s price and accompanying weekly releases:

Gorkanaught/Morkanaut Combo-kit $105How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Ork Gorkanaut $??

Mournfant Brown Spray- Basecoat Spray $18

So it looks like this week is pretty much all Gorkanaut. Look for two more weeks of Orks following up with the past pattern of a week-2 codex.  Also, maybe it’s just me, but if you take a look at the Wood Elves prices and now this thing, it looks like GW may be tip-toeing back down from their bleeding edge pricing.   More for WFB than 40K, but still a step back.

~If you listen closely you can almost hear the WAAAAGH!

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