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Outside the Box 05-02-14

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May 2 2014
So much talk about 40K, time for a break! This week we have the Golden Smoke Knight, Kum Biker, E.Wings and Goliath Mechs. Enjoy!

Kingdom Death
Two new releases… And they are gone.

Big news from Corvus Belli: A third edition of Infinity is on the way and Antenocitis Workshop got the liscence for an official terrain range. Oh, and there is a new wave of models, of course:

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The newest releases for Kensei focus on Clan Otokodate:

And soon to be joining the Warzone Resurrection range: the Cybertronic Attila Exterminator MkI

New picture of the evil Sons of Kashan Vra:

X-Wing is still growing, up next is the E-Wing:
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This week an actuaal miniature preview for Bushido, Saki, Rose of Jima for the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate:

The Republic gets new toys in form of the Goliath Mech:

Plenty of new releases for all ranges, from Hail Caesar and Black Powder to Bolt Action and Beyond the Gates of Antares:

The Lawmen get new Hired Hands:

Here we have a 3D model of the Southern Varis Hopper VTOL:

And the Shieldwolf Miniatures is going to expand their Mountain Orc range:
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I love the Goliath Mech, looks like a brutish version of an Inifinity TAG!

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