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Outside the Box 05-16-14

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May 16 2014

Hello and welcome to a new issue of Outside the Box. This week with news for Arena Rex, Puppetswar, Guild Ball, Pulp City and many more – Enjoy!

New sculpts for Arena Rex are ready:

 -> More Red Republic Games News

A new flyer is coming soon:

Siren is a new player for the Fishermen team:
A new Orc Greatcoat Assault Squad is now available:

-> More Kromlech News

Titan Forge showed new pictures of the Ancestral Zeppelin for their Metal Beard range:

New previews of the Supreme Edition miniatures have been published:

-> More Pulp City News

This week they released this teaser picture for Heavy Gear:

The first of their new “Designed for Infinity” products are the Compass Bars to indicate miniature facing:


-> More Antenocitis Workshop News

A new APC Conversion set will be available soon:

-> More Victoria Miniatures News 

Thsi week we got the artwork for Seiji for the Temple of Ro-Kan

The Napoleonic Hanoverians are up for pre-orders, more Bronze Age troops have been released, new previews of Beyond the Gates of Antares and the M18 Hellcat is now available:

The Holy Order is now available for pre-orders:

Sally 4th released a nice new range of classic Middle East buildings:

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HiTech Miniatures  showed more previews of Mission: Katharsis

And Microworld Games released the second wave of their 6mm Fantasy Beastmen:


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Arena Rex plus Hurlbat Arena = pure win!

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