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Outside the Box 05-30-14

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May 30 2014

Missing a week is always a bad idea, so here are just the highlights since last issue!

It’s already time for a new wave of Infinity releases!

-> More Infinity News

Something big is coming:

The Eisenkern gets reinforcements in form of the Black Widows:

The Orcs got a new Flakvierling

The Darklands range is still growing fast and these are just some of the many new previews:
New Dreadball Extreme miniatures have been revealed:

New previews of the upcoming Green Alliance range:

The first vehicle concept “designed for Infinity” is the Azure Dragon for Yu Jing:


Commodore Grist is the newest addition to Sedition Wars:

Plenty of new pictures of upcoming Bushido miniatures:

A lot of new releases for all ranges, including more Bronze Age chariots, a napoleonic French starter army and german infantry with infra-red sights:

More previews of upcoming Wild West Exodus releases:

New 6mm concepts for the Sisterhood and prototypes of the Stygians:

And the Fallen Frontiers SciFi skirmish Kickstarter is launching today!


The Fallen Frontiers miniatures look amazing, andI wonder what the price tag will be…

Tabletop Fix
  • Ork Gorkanaut - Vehicle and Weapon Stats!