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This Week in 40K Podcasting – 05/09/2014 – 05/15/2014

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May 18 2014

Welcome to another installment of “This Week in 40K Podcasting,”
I am back after a three week hiatus due to starting a new job; I do apologize for the absence and appreciate all of the emails I have received expressing concern.  I am back and not going anywhere guys!  Here is this week’s top 5!
The Independent Characters – Episode 100!

Highlights:  This week I wanted to help the Independent Characters celebrate four years worth of work to reach the amazing milestone of episode 100!  They join the ranks of the truly elite 40K podcasts who have had the staying power to accomplish this historic achievement!  They kicked off the show with some announcements before moving on to the meat of the show.  They then re-introduced themselves and covered their gamer credentials and some of their history with the show.  Next, it was on to ‘the Work Bench’ where the guys discussed what they have been doing lately in gaming and the hobby.  This included Adepticon purchases, Forgeworld built, Highlander events, and much more.  Next, the guys talked about Adeption Team Tournament experience.  They wanted to just have a good time and their view was a little bit different than others, and Geoff and Carl dropped day two.  Overall they had an amazing experience and they shared all of their ups and downs.  They moved on to discuss their life on the show and preparing for this really big episode.  They talked about how the show started and their outlook on the hobby and their presentation.  They moved on to some of their most favorite moments from the show, which included the ‘Golden Thronies’, choosing the army that is right for you, Adan’s first show, tales from the creation of the show, and much, much more!  They moved on to discuss their long term goals in the 40K hobby, over the next few years.  They closed out the show with some help and advice for those who want to start a 40K podcast.  They gave advice for what to do to get your show out, how to set up a format for the show, how to stand out and make your show different from every other show out there, and more. 

Opinion:  I have been a huge fan of this show since it started.  Carl and Geoff have really put together one heck of a body of work from which we all have enjoyed.  When people ask me about 40K podcasts and which one is right for them, this show is usually one of the first three on my recommendation list.  I cannot praise this show enough, it truly is the model for what a good 40K podcast should be.  Keep up the good work guys! It has been an amazing trip so far!  As for the show, it was a nice trip down memory lane, and it was especially great to hear from Geoff again.  I’m still having a hard time accepting he is not a regular on the show anymore. 

40K Global – Episode 120***Explicit*** 

Highlights:  This week the guys are back from the ‘Home Nations’ tournament and they gave this event their full coverage.  They kicked off the show with some pre-event discussion on the ride up to the tournament and outlined what this event was and how it helps them prepare for the ETC.  They then had some discussions about what is being permitted at this event, such as the allies the Crimson Slaughter can take and that Astra Militarum use the IG for the allies matrix.  They also discussed what they felt was a decline in the game, which included players leaving the game all the time, the prices getting too high and turn over being out of control, how 7th Edition could kill competitive 40K, etc.  They then moved on to ‘Operation Codex’ where they discussed their top picks from the Astra Militarum codex.  This included Wyverns, Priests w/War Hymns, Commander Pask, and much more.  Then it was on to their ‘Tournament Report’ where they discussed the event.  Now with the event being on lockdown, they really could not discuss specific lists; however they were able to talk a little about their games and their performances.  They started with England’s first round of games versus team Belgium and Scotland’s round one games against Ireland, and moved on to their Round two games with England vs. Scotland, and their third round of England vs. Ireland and Scotland vs. Northern Ireland.  Next, in another ‘Operation Codex’, Dave and the boys discussed their highlights of the Tyranids codex.  These included units such as the Biovores, Hive Crones, Mawlocs, and much more.   Then, it was back to the ‘Tournament Report’ where they finished up day two of the event with round four: England vs. Wales and Scotland vs. Belgium, and round five: England vs. Northern Ireland and Scotland vs. Wales.  They closed out the show with an evaluation of the event as a whole and how they feel they did over the weekend. 

Opinion:  This was a pretty good show overall.  I can tell you that while I understand that the boys could not discuss specific lists, I do think they could have gone a little bit more in detail about their games. It just was the all-out tournament coverage we have come to expect from the boys.  That being said, it was still a good show, it just felt a little off, that’s all.  I’d still recommend it.  Good job guys!

The Heroic 28s – Episode 94

Highlights:  This week the boys are discussing the parallels that GW has taken to another ill-fated company of the past, TSR!  They kicked off the show with some Mother’s Day announcements for their moms and some 40K announcements as well.  They moved on to discuss their hobby progress and games played, which was fairly brief.  They then moved on to talk about the wealth of rumors and speculations around the release of 7th Edition here in a couple of weeks.  They run down what is rumored to be coming down the pipe, like Battle Brother getting an overhaul, the Allies Matrix getting redone, Physic Powers being re-done,   the new Psychic Discipline: Demonology, Bound and Unbound Armies, new missions and objectives, and more.  Next, it was on to the main topic of the show, where the guys drew some parallels to how GW is following the path of TSR, a company with a great product who managed to go out of business.  They talked about the background of TSR and how the acquired Dungeons and Dragons, how it rose to be THE dominate RPG of its day, how the novels helped expand the universe, and how it began to flounder under the release of Magic the Gathering.  They talked about how TSR reacted to this competition, which resulted in failed expansions, failed games, lawsuits, CND letters and how they eventually tried to sell the IP on any platform they could find.   They then moved on to compare how GW in the recent past is starting to show signs of going down the same path as TSR and how it could be signs of the company fracturing under the pressure of the competition.  They also debated what they would do in the event that GW and 40K would fail and would go away.   

Opinion:  This was really an outstanding show!  I am old enough to remember the decline of the mega giant TSR.  I remember at the time thinking how was it possible for a company with the number one product in its market to fail.  But it did happen, the company stopped listening to its customers, it started to stop caring about the game it produced and in the end they ruined a once great and amazing game.  I see the parallels that the boys have drawn with good old GW and how if they are not careful they too will fall into the same mistakes that brought one giant down.  This was a very thought provoking show, I highly recommend it!

Preferred Enemies – Episode 76 ***Explicit***

Highlights:  This week the guys are wading in the waters of 7th Edition rumors!  They kicked off the show with all of the leaked information from GW for the upcoming 7th Edition and the information that was released in the latest White Dwarf.  They then talked about the internet reactions to this new edition and the short lived 6th Edition.  They then moved on to talk about some of what is out there in the way of facts and have been announced by GW.  This included the old FOC as ‘Battle Forged’ and the new as ‘Unbound’ armies, new Allies Matrix, the Eternal War Missions are still in the game but we are getting more missions called Maelstrom of War with cards to determine the objectives, and the Psychic Phase has been added to the game.  They moved on to focus down on these official leaks, starting with the big one, the Unbound Armies and how this could affect the game and some of the ridiculous combinations they came up with.  They then moved on to talk about the more dynamic games and missions, which has received a pretty good reception overall.  They then moved on to the idea of a whole new Physic Phase to the game and the possibilities this has opened up to balancing the game.  They then moved on to talk about some of the rest of the rumors floating around out there on the internet, like the Psychic Powers being rearranged, and how the internet has the ability to over-blow some of the rumors and what they will do to the game.  They closed out the show with their hobby progress and what they have been doing lately in the hobby. 

Opinion:  We all know it is coming!  7th Edition is on its way and with it the end of the shortest and arguably the most controversial edition of 40K in recent memory.  The boys did a great job discussing the fact available at the time, with Unbound Armies, a whole new Psychic Phase, the new missions and more.  I agree with the boys that on the surface, all of these changes sound like a good idea.  What I fear is that all will also share the thought that GW had a ‘great idea, with poor execution.’  They also did a good job diving into some of the rumors swirling around this new edition.  I guess we all will know the truth in just a few more weeks.  Here’s to a great show and hopefully a great new edition. 

Forge the Narrative – Episode 51


Highlights:  This week the guys dive head long into the rumors and facts about the impending 7th Edition!  They kicked off the show by talking about the rumor of a 6.5 Edition being false as it appears more so that this will be a full out new edition of the game.  They moved on to discuss some fun stuff that the Unbound Army lists will allow for, however they all agree it will never see the light of day in competitive play.  They moved on to discuss the price of the new book, new models, and how 40K may be the top end of the expensive list and if you can’t afford to play at the high level, there are other options out there for the 40K gamer.  They moved on to talk about the impending SpikyCon and all of the cool thing that will be going on there!  This included the LiveCasts they plan to do there as well.  They brought it back to 7th Edition rumors, including the latest on the start set with Orks and Blood Angels in the set and keeping their minds open about this new edition. 

Opinion:  It will be all we hear about over the next couple of weeks in the 40K Podcast world, 7th Edition is coming!  In case you didn’t know.  They guys did a pretty good job wading through all of the rumors and leaked information leading up to this new edition.  So overall this was a good show to catch up on all of this information.  I do have one minor nit-pick though.  For the love of god, if you are going to eat during a show, mute your mic and do not eat into a mic!  It is gross and very distracting! 

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So, that is it for This Week in 40K podcasting, thanks for reading. Got a podcast all about 40K, or mostly 40K that I am not listening to? Let me know about it, [email protected] and let me know about it.  Also you can find me on My YouTube Channel for Battle Reports, Tactics, Reviews and more! Disagree with my review? Post comments for that too!

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