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40K: Orks Looted Wagon Rules!

Jun 17 2014

Next week’s Looted Wagon rules are doing the rounds.  Here’s the latest Orky contraption:

image via  La Taberna De Laurana

So apparently the looted wagon is a “White Dwarf Exclusive”, whatever that means.  Maybe there will be a kit for sale, or maybe its just a set of rules to inspire you to purchase your own kits and kitbash away.

Looted Wagon @40pts
Looted Wagon: BS:2 F:11 S:11 R:10 HP:3
Tank, Open-topped Transport (12 models)

Don’t Press Dat: Roll 1d6 for each Looted Wagon at the start of the shooting phase. ON a roll of 1, the looted wagon must move Flat Out, even if it performed a Tank Shock earlier in the turn.

Firepoints: 3 , side, side, rear (only if ‘ard case is bought)

Accesspoints: 1 ,  rear (only if ‘ard case is bought)

Killkannon +30

Up to three of the following:
Big Shoota +5
Rokkit Launcha +5
Skorcha +5

Deffrolla +10
‘Ard case +15
Grabbin claw +5


Go look for MANY more goodies…

~  Hmmm, it may be time for a BoLS Looted Wagon Hobby Challenge… Stay tuned…

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