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40K Rumors: Ork Buggies and More

Jun 3 2014

Rumors are swirling around regarding the new Buggies and other kits headed our way fasta than a Red Speedsta.

Ork Rumors 6-3-2014

Ork Buggies
BS:3 (Grot Gunners)
AV and HP unchanged
+5pts apiece

As wide as the Trukk model, but half the length
Ork Trukk-style tires
Hot-rod engine with oversized engine piping along the sides
Turret-gunner is seated behind the driver
Multiple weapon options including:
Supashoota (linked)
Rokkit launcha (linked)
Heavy Flamer (linked)

Big Guns
There is contradictory chatter about a “Flakk” anti-air option for the Big Guns

Rumors reliability is average, coming from both known and unknown sources.

~If you listen closely you can almost hear the WAAAAGH!

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