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SHOWCASE: Eldar Wraithknight

2 Minute Read
Jun 2 2014

Sometimes you see work so amazing you just have to stop and share.  Behold!

Work by Peter Zuidgeest

When I see work like this I can only think – wow how far we’ve come.  The appearance of the airbrush on the miniature panting scene took so long to appear.  It’s been common in scale modeling for decades, but I think we can now say it is here in tabletop wargaming to stay.

The advantages offered by the airbrush to painting studios are obvious, and some days to harder to find a traditional “brush” painted army than the airbrush look.

But int he hands of someone who knows what they are doing, you can pull amazing work such as this.

From the oh so smooth color transition, to the punchy palette, to the distinctive stencil work – Peter has pulled off a fantastic look for the model.


Well done!

  • Wargames Gallery 6-1-14