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40k Unboxing – Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw

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Jun 21

Sometimes things are just better the second time around, and for the Dreadclaw drop pod this seems to be true.

The last Dreadclaw seemed to be a little too top heavy and was prone to breakage as it’s moving parts didn’t seem to be able to both move and support the weight of the pod.

Forge World seemed to get the moving parts thing right with the bigger version of the Dreadclaw; The Kharybdis, which is one of the coolest kits they’ve come out with in awhile.

The new Dreadclaw however has no moving parts, but it’s pretty sweet just the same.  They used a combination of the plastic drop pod, and new resin components to make a neat little pod that can be mounted on a flyer base, or just stood up on the tabletop like normal.

The Kit

Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw is available for 55 pounds (~$99) from Forge World.

The Dreadclaw is a unique variant of the standard Legiones Astartes Drop Pod that allows for greater mobility for the forces  transported as it is able to take off again after landing.  -Courtesy Forge World



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