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DUST Tactics: Starter Boxed Sets (video)

2 Minute Read
Jun 25 2014

DUST Tactics is here with an all new rulebook and 3 bargain faction boxed sets.  Let’s see what Battlefront has put together:

The crazy thing about the new relaunched DUST Tactics range is not only the dual play modes to appeal to both boardgamers and tabletop wargamers, but the incredible price point.

Note that the hardcover full color rulebook is $30, and each of these faction starter sets gives you a single walker, 2 squads, and an officer for $50.  That’s full retail, so factor int he various deals you can get with a little bit of clicking.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the models are assembled and primed.  If you want to throw down on the table minutes after buying them and paint them up to a fancier standard later – you can.


Onto the starter boxes:

~Thanks for watching and I really hope you give the new relaunched DUST a shot.

Author: Larry Vela