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Goatboy’s Monday – Leaky Orks and You.

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Jun 22 2014

Goatboy here to take a good look at the Ork leaks.  This codex isn’t what anyone expected!

Goatboy here again on another fine  Monday morning.  I turned my back away for a day or two and magically it seems the Ork Codex got accidentally leaked.  Pretty interesting set of rules and I am not entirely sure how they will work in 7th.  I have some thoughts but right now its all kind of fuzzy as I wait to get the full rules.

Look for some true reviews starting next week when I build initial lists by the way.  While I trust the “confirmations” we have gotten it still doesn’t beat me knowing exactly what is what in the new book.  This is just observations from the rules bits we have seen for now.

One thing I do know – is that I didn’t get everything I wanted.  But hey – life doesn’t give you what you want all the time.  Heck ask those Tyranid players that are winning despite the common thought that Nids are just not worth it.  I for one fear the gibbering horde and hope my Orks bring about some of the same fears as I figure out new lists.

Da HQs
Let’s start at the top with the HQ’s.  As you get 3 of them if you take an Ork Force Org these guys will end up being the biggest bit of help in the book.  The chatter says that and for every HQ choice you will get access to a regular Mek.  I think this is where the book will shine as these extra “Nobz” will be handy especially with access to KFF and SAGs.  While they will add up fast I think having a large amount of boyz with inter lapping KFF’s will be part of the Strength of the Ork codex.

Besides the Mek options you could also look at the Big Mek as another way to get more KFF around the field as well as maybe give a chance to do something terrible with a Stompa that will never die.  That is the other piece of interest too but that is for another article as I dive into the Orks in the next few weeks.  The Big Mek just has more stuff and can even get Mega Armor with a KFF to help keep those lootas in check.  I haven’t heard if the armor is still Slow and Purposeful so will wait and see if Lootas are still the bees knees in the new book.  Heck I love that KFF seems can be grabbed on all sorts of options from Mega Armor to the Bike.  Very interesting right here as both options give you a bit of a boost as your base is bigger.

A Warboss seems ok but without an Invulnerable save and some other missing/changed Wargear it seems less likely you will need one.  The formation listed in the book is very strong and if Events allow the use of it might see the light of day.  Being able to call the Waagh every turn after the first is a big threat as the rules for it might mean a return of the big ole Ork smash.  For those who haven’t read – the Waagh is the return of old skool fleet for that turn.  I am not sure if you need the Warboss to get the Waagh yet but will see.

After that we have Painboyz and Weirdboyz rounding out the HQ choices.  I wish WeirdBoyz were just like the Mek options but from what I have read you have to take it as a real HQ choice instead of the extra choice.  The Painboy might be the key to unlocking the army as well because him plus a Mek might make a really tough Boyz unit.  The Painboy gives FNP and the Weirdboy might be another way to get extra Waaghs on the table top.

Da Rest of Da Army
The regular boy did not go down in prices according to the rumors.  The weapon options did but it is rough to see a lot of other armies get cheaper while the Orks stay the same.  Even the shoota got hit with a points cost increase.  Lucky for me I have a crap ton of regular boyz from Black Reach still sitting around.  Somedays I am glad I am a bits border.


The Deff Rolla is still good.  It got an AP value and lost 3 hits but it will still be a threat.  I am sad the boarding planks got nerfed a bit but adding 2+ in might be the cause of an extremely effective turn 2 charge with the new rules.  Heck if the WeirdBoy can Waagh first turn with a spell – this might be an interesting turn of events as the army smashes you turn 1 if you haven’t set up properly.

The new Mob rule seems so rough to me but then I thought the initial Synapse issues were bad so who the heck knows.  I think game play will see if there are issues.  I do know that it could be good especially if you are locked in combat with someone.  I just don’t see it working as well because of so many options to get Hit and Run with the good guys right now it might be a moot point to stay locked in.

It feels some of these new units would be have been so much stronger in the pre changes in 7th edition.  The Big Guns Traktor beam would have been very rough on a lot of FMC nonsense we had towards the end.  I could see a lot of Daemon Princes dying as soon as they hit the ground from Loota, more Big Guns, or heck just a crap ton of shoot as.  I still like the Big Guns and wish the plastic box was a least 3 for 75 bucks instead of one for almost 50 clams.  They look good but man GW.  Why do you have to kick out my Teef stash?

I like the Looted Wagon but it really should have been some kind of Transport choice for Lootas or other options.  I don’t think it should have been for the regular Boyz squad but right now it just fits in the wrong choice in the Ork Codex.  I think the Heavy slots are going to be fought over a lot and I just hope we finally get some decent elites to make up for it.  I think Tank Bustas might be the key if this edition brings back more vehicles.  Heck that many assault rokkits is rough for a lot of armies.  Plus I always like the idea of a ton of Rokkit boyz smashing face.

Stormboyz look like they might be good too.  Did you know we had a first turn assault army with a crap ton of Stormboyz?  We still might have it with the ability to run 2d6 and then assault if a Waagh is called.  I don’t know if this is fully true but it seems to work from the rumored bits.  Watch they don’t get access to the Waagh to make me a Sad Panda eating Donuts.

The Dakkajet got fixed a bit as I thought double shots got a little crazy sometimes.  I would pull some nonsense with them and will continue to use them as pseudo Lootas mixed with some anti assault blocking.  I would sacrifice them all the time to make sure people didn’t have the straight line attack they wanted to remove my poor Boyz.  I also think the old Deff Koptas might see a come back as another way to get massed TWL Rokkits.  They are a free upgrade now and the chance to mob rule to stay in might be good too.


The Stompa being a part of the book could lend a lot of strength to the idea that you let all the toys play.  Is the Stompa too good?  I don’t think so but we haven’t had a lot of games with it.  It can shoot a lot and survive with 12 Hull Points.  You have some Meks fixing it up and you got this annoying monster that just bleeds VP to the opponent.  The Gorka/Morkanaut really needed Assault vehicle to be good.  The fact we don’t see anything with it just makes me sad as I like the model.  I will end up with one as my Stompa I need to finally build and paint needs a younger brother.  Just like Scrappy Doo the small little jerk is just annoying.

Maybe Good – Maybe Bad???
It is really hard to define things as I feel I still need the book and play time to really figure it all out.  I just know it seems this army isn’t the auto win button people initially feared when rumors that the Ward was writing the book.  I won’t lie as I feel this is along the lines of the Nid release, with some new things mixed in but really just a refresh/update of the old book.  I think 7th needs a few more months before we find things to make everyone groan.  I think my biggest pull from it all is investing in one unit is foolish.

I will break down more of the Ork book next week when I get it.  Plan on some list writing and some knee jerk reactions as I copy and paste some Ork boyz units.  I want all the new stuff to be good but still think the tried and true mass of Boyz will be the key to this books success.  I just wish we had some troop shifts in the book as it just makes me sad to truly only have 2 troop choices to pick from.  I am also sad that Wazdakka is not in the book but as we saw his ugly mug in a White Dwarf I bet will see a 35 dollar/3 page supplement to create the speed freak army we all know and love.  I do like we got the Loota Wagon back so at least GW seems to be listening.

Until next week – WAAGH!!!

Top Image: This was gonna be the last Plastic Dudesmen – Just wanted to draw something fun.

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