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Hordes: June Releases Unboxed

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Jun 1 2014

June is an exciting month for Hordes!  Look at all these minis!

Because the four main Hordes factions are finally getting their own Lesser Warlocks. Lets start with Trollbloods because they’re the best faction. Not really. I’m just going in the order they do in the books.

Put all these pieces together and you’ll have yourself a Horgle Ironstrike.

Trollkin hands just keep getting bigger.I’m cool with that.

 Along with their scales.

Last up we have some other assorted bits. If you haven’t been doing so already, I want you to go back and zoom in on all these shots because these might be the highest quality metal kits I’ve seen anywhere. Period.

If you weren’t aware, Horgle, like a lot of Privateer sculpts these days, was done on a computer with 3d modelling software. Ok, I don’t know that for sure, but looking at him I’m certain enough of this to go right on ahead believing he was. The guy who sculpted him, Olivier Nkweti, does traditional and digital sculpting, so it seems likely. I’ve seen some issues arise when 3d printed models are cast in metal. It’s something I’ve encountered with multiple manufacturers. You get edges that aren’t sharp, and sometimes the little pieces like rivets can be prone to just disappearing. But everything comes through crystal clear on this guy. The edges are crisp where you want them to be crisp, and where you want them to be soft they’re smooth and perfect. Two of our other junior warlocks are done this way – well again, I can;t be sure about the Skorne one, but for Una we’ve actually seen pictures of her in a virtual state. If anything these two are even nicer.

And speaking of Una…

Once again, here are all the bits first.


So my camera has a pretty narrow range of focus. For this shot I’ve chosen to point it at the face. Because I mean… that’s a pretty incredible face. Very delicate and smooth. Meanwhile, all those cool Orboros-y embellishments on the rest of her outfit have nice crisp edges and look like they’ll be a real joy to paint.

On the other side, every stitch is nice and defined. There’s no loss of detail to be found anywhere.

Here are all the cool birds.

And last we have the staff bits I haven’t already showed. The level of quality is just as high here as anywhere else.

Tyrant Zaadesh ladies and gentlemen.

So I’ve done a lot of gushing already so since this guy is every bit as cool as the rest, I’ll just invite you to zoom in again and get a close look at all the cool details.


I hope you’ll agree that that he’s pretty spectacular.

I’m pretty sure Fyanna here is the only one of the bunch that’s traditionally sculpted. Again, I can’t prove it, but if you look closely I think you’ll agree she just doesn’t quite have the shine of the other three.

Of course she’s still a really nice model by any standard.

And last up we have a new plastic kit.

I’ve frequently stated I think the heavy warbeast kits are always the nicest of Privateer’s plastics, and this one is no exception.


There are a few mold lines in tricky to reach places. Like behind the ears on the Riphorn there, but they’re generally minimal.

I’m not sure why they did the assembly this way, but the torso nests in that little cup before it attaches to the legs.

And here are a bunch of horns. I’m sure converters will find some great uses for these. I like the thought of a Trollkin blowing into one of the last two.

For our first set of Satyr arms we have the Riphorn. This is the one all the Circle players have really been waiting for.

I think these are the arms for the Shadowhorn, but they both have open fists, so you might be able to get away with using which ever ones you prefer.

See what I mean?

And for the sake of completion – here are the two sides of the tabard. Wouldn’t be a Satyr without that cute little tail.

~So it looks like no matter which Hordes faction you play you’ll have something cool to pick up in June. Oh wait, unless you play Minions. But then you’ll have your choice of Battle Engine – or two different ones if that’s your poison – so it’ll be worth the wait.

Ben Williams
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