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Infinity Terrain – Easy Jungle trees

3 Minute Read
Jun 7 2014

Want a dash of green for your city? Or maybe a whole jungle board for Paradiso? Well here is how you can make really cheap and easy trees for your boards…

In a quest for foliage to fit in with my Infinity terrain I looked high and low. While I could have taken the expensive pre built approach, a buddy showed me how to make easy trees. So huge thanks to Nekokeneko for his idea!
Really simple Trees. 
• Go to hobby lobby and peruse the artificial plant section. I picked up a bunch for around 12 bucks.
• Florists wire/rods
• Florist tape (brown)
• Glue Gun
• Clippers that will cut through wire 
• Sharpie or other chunky pen
Dont forget hobby lobby has a discount coupon if you have the app. Even cheaper!
1) Get a piece of florist wire and loop it around a sharpie and twist it up. Leaving around half an inch at the tops. These will be branches you will attach leaves to.
2) Four of these make up one tree. So twist two together, followed by the other two, and then the final two. So it looks like this…
3) Then take your brown florists tape and start wrapping it around the tree roots, trunk and branches like so:
4) Then snip the various leaves off the bunch of artificial plants. Again, upto you what you find but Hobby Lobby has a vast jungle to pillage. So what ever works. 
Then use a glue gun and glue the leaves onto the wire branches. 
Rinse and repeat.
5) Attach them to a base of your choosing and add foliage, rocks, bushes or flock etc. I opted to fence mine in and create mini urban green areas for my city scape. But these can easily be used to create wild jungles on Paradiso. 
Enjoy going green…

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