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Outside the Box 06-06-14

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Jun 6 2014

Hello again to another issue of Outside the Box. This week with new Strain, Fight for teh Skies, Giant Ares Walkers and many more. Enjoy!

This week the Strain gets reinforcements:

“Fight for the Skies” is an upcoming WW2 air combat game Victrix is developing together with Mongoose Publishing:

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The 30mm Scale Ares Battle Walker can now be pre-ordered:

The Bolt Action rules got an important new Errata dealing with the pinning of vehicles. Additionally, we got the Wespe RPG, the new late napoleonic Fench Army deal and the Germania supplement for Hail Caesar:

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The  “Goliath” Heavy Assault Mech is an upcoming release for the Republic in Afterlife:

The ruined version of he Battlezone terrain can now be pre-ordered:

Guild Ball presents their 2014 Show Exclusive:

The Verder Tankis an upcoming release for Heavy Gear:

A new range has been announced that will focus on the the founding of the mighty Iroquois Confederacy before European contact and the conflict with the Huron Nation:

The Colonial Defense Forces are now available:


Willy Miniatures

Willy Miniatures offers a new set of Egyptian Skeletons:

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And Meridian Miniatures announced their new “Tooth & Sword” Chibi range:

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Again a nice mix this week. It is good to see that some companies are able to identify critical mistakes in their rules and fix them ­čśë

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