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Outside the Box 06-20-14

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Jun 20 2014

Welcome to a new issue of Outside the Box, this week with feudal japanese Undead, more Toughest Girls, Screaming Devils, Bounty Dogs and much more – Enjoy!

And again heaps of new pictures of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy:

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Zenit Miniatures

The Undead are coming to the world of Kensei:

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Spartan Games published a preview of new infantry for Dystopian Legions and of new vehicles for their 10mm SciFi game Planetfall:

 -> More Spartan Games News

The plastic Bren Carriers and more Bronze Age miniatures have been released this week:

But highlight of the week is definitely the massive La Haye Sainte battle-set:

Dreadball is selling like sliced bread and Mantic Games announced a limited “Azure Forest” edition of the game:
Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games already announced the fifth wave of X-Wing releases, including the Rebellion’s YT-2400 and the Imperial’s VT-49 Decimator:

Prodos Games

This time Mishima gets some love:

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New artworks for wave 19 Bushido releases, Ashinaga Tenaga for the Temple of Ro-Kan and Satsuki for the Ito Clan:

The Sedition Wars Bounty Dogs have been released:

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New miniatures for Wild West Exodus are available:

Heavy Gear got new releases this week:

This is the upcoming Infernal Golem of Kashan for the Metalbeards range:

The first of the Arcadian Rifle squads is now shipping:

New buildings have been added to their “Designed for Infinity” range:

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And  Reaper Miniatures announced an official range of miniatures for Numera:

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And this week we also got a nic emix of new Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns: 

John Meeks – “Walk in the park” Zombie Combat Game on Kickstarter


Meiko Miniatures – Ratmen Fantasy Football Team on Indiegogo

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

What a week again! One day I’ll have to buy a Warzone Mishima army 😉

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