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3rd Time is the Charm for Eiryss

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Jul 21 2014

So our little deceiver Eiryss, mage hunter commander,  has been out for a while – but you’ve never seen her like THIS!

No longer the solider for hire that we once knew.  She has returned to lead her brother in arms as a unit attachment for infiltrators and strike force.  She is wearing her classic cloaked look and still has some interesting abilities to give her a fresh feel on the battlefield. 

So let’s take a look out our cloaked beauty.  She still has the eye rolling defense line that makes Mat 7 look comical.  She still holds her breath when a boosted AOE gets a little to close armor wise. She has some great unit abilities that she grants to the unit she joins.  Reform is really nasty for strike force being able to get in range of targets and then bounce back 3” to safer positions.  On the reverse side infiltrators can utilize reform to get deeper into enemy lines after a charge to muck up formations.  Fearless is a bigger and bigger deal these days with models like Butcher 3 and boomhowlers starting to scream at everything within 9”.
Besides buffing the crap out of her units she is pretty decent on the offense too.  She keeps her game changing crossbow shot with a little twist.  It can now remove fury , not just focus.  This can be really painful for a hordes player who is using a single heavy as their main fury generation.  Oh and by the way, she is a weapon master for both melee weapons and her crossbow shot.  To top the pain train off she has quickwork.  So, if you only jam her with one model she will probably kill it and still get a nasty shot off.
Playing against this little annoying elven B****?  Stealth killing techniques work on her just like it did before. Using boosted AOE or true/eyeless sight shots that can hit her will have a good chance of killing her.  If you have access to some AOE fire(Menoth/skorne) that’s another good way to show her the road. On the bright side she no longer removes upkeeps unless she hits the model that cast it.  So your arcane shield is still going to be blocking damage unless your journeyman gets way up in the front line.

So BOLS what do you guys think of the Eiryss 3?  Do you think she will see the field often?  If you’re in or around Texas and looking for some warmachine action, check out Coal and Claw and Clash for a Cure.  Follow me on twitter for random gaming thoughts at :  

Author: Revenant
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