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40K BREAKING: New Tyranid Big Bug Revealed!

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Jul 20 2014
Warhammer 40K

Folks are reporting back from Forgeworld’s Open Day.  The Hive Fleets have evolved!

Presenting the latest in Tyranid evolution: The Dimachaeron

New Tyranid bug shots via The Tyranid Hive:

Via Bloodhorror on Dakka

Tyranid Dimachaeron
WS 8
BS 3
S 6
T 6
W 6
I 6
A 5
LD 10
Sv 3+

Its a MC (Leaper)

Weapons & Biomorphs are
Sickle Claws
Grasping Talons
Thorax Spine Maw
Adrenal Glands

Special Rules
IB: Feed

Leaper is kind of like a Jump Pack for it except it only 6″ all the time, but it can jump over things which is handy.
If you DON’T use it in the Movement phase, you get +1s to your HOW and the HOW gains Strikedown.

Grasping Talons: +1S AP2 Melee with Spine Maw Strike

Spinemaw Strike: If you roll at least one 6 to hit, you get to make a Spine Maw Attack at Intiative step 1

Spine Maw Attack: Makes ONE attack that Auto Hits. May Target any Enemy Model that isn’t Extremely Bulky. Only one of these Attacks may be made by this model in each phase.

The One attack it does is at +4S AP1 Instant Death and “Digestion Spine”

Digestion Spine: When a Spine Maw removes a model, the Dimachaeron gains a number of “Plasm Tokens” Equal to the number of wounds on the profile of the model removed. At the end of each of its following Turns, The Controlling player removes one token. Whilst it has a Token remaining, it gets FNP (4+)

Sickle Claws: Strength- User AP2 Melee Sickle Strike

Sickle Strike: On a roll of a 4+ to wound, an attack inflicted by a Sickle Claw has the Instant Death Rule

200 Points
Fast Attack


Author: Larry Vela
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