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40K: Gerantius: The Forgotten Knight Rules!

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Jul 9 2014

There is information and pics doing the rounds of the mysterious Green Knight – Gerantius.  His rules are … impressive!

Info/Pics via The Mexican Ork

So basically we are looking at a slightly up-costed knight with the following special rules:

The Forgotten Knight: Gerantius’s ion shield confers a 3+ invulnerable save.  He cannot have a Warlord Trait and does not roll on the Knightly Ranks table.

Striker: Gerantius can shoot int he same turn he runs. He retools “1s” on the Stomp table.


I like what White Dwarf is doing with these exclusive units like Gerantius and the Looted Wagon.  It really feels like we are back in 3rd edition again, with rules popping up everywhere week to week.  The game is feeling just so vast at the moment it’s hard to put your arms around the ruleset, and we are only 2 MONTHS into 7th Edition.

I can’t even imagine what things will feel like 4-5 codices into this edition.

Yeah – that’s gonna be a popular paint scheme!

Author: Larry Vela
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