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40K: HAMMERTIME! Salamanders Get the Love!

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Jul 12 2014

The Salamanders got some amazing looking miniatures today.  Take a look as these BADASS Firedrakes!



Salamanders Legion Firedrakes £45.00 (for 5 models)

The elite of the Salamanders Legion are those Legionaries known as the Firedrakes; veterans chosen not simply for their martial skill, but also because of their mental resilience and capacity for discipline and self-sacrifice; for these are values the Promethean Cult holds in high esteem. Tried and tempered in the flames of war, just as a blade is tempered in the flames of the forge, the Firedrakes are indefatigable and relentless, possessing a singular focus in battle which borders on the preternatural and legendary resilience; a matter as much to do with their phenomenal willpower as their superhuman physiology or superlatively fashioned arms and armour.

The Salamanders Legion Firedrakes are a complete multi-part resin kit, armed with thunderhammers and dragonscale pattern storm shields, designed by Keith Robertson. This kit is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Wednesday 30th July.


Hey, helmets, you don’t have to paint their skin that odd ret-conned flat black…

~Yeah – these should do – nicely…

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