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40K Roundup 7-13-2014

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Jul 13 2014
Warhammer 40K

What a busy week it has been on the 40K front.  Let’s catch up as we prepare for the week ahead.

Sanctus Reach – Stormclaw


Sanctus Reach: Stormclaw $125

via Games Workshop:

Only available while stocks last!
Stormclaw is the second instalment in the Sanctus Reach Campaign, and continues the narrative begun in Sanctus Reach: The Red Waaagh! It tells the tale of the blood-soaked battle between Wolf Lord Krom Dragongaze and Warlord Grukk Face-rippa.

This multi-part plastic boxed set contains two forces – Orks and Space Wolves and two never before seen plastic character models: Krom Dragongaze and Grukk Face-rippa.

The Space Wolves Force includes: Krom Dragongaze, 1 Space Wolf Pack of 10 miniatures and 5 Wolf Guard Terminators.

The Ork Force includes: Grukk Face-rippa, 5 Ork Nobz, 3 Killa Kans and 10 Gretchin with a Runtherd.

The 32 page Stormclaw Campaign Supplement contains three missions that use the miniatures in the box and details the bloody confrontation between Grukk and Krom as they clash on the Blistered Isle. There are also Datasheets for every unit in the box including Grukk and Krom, plus two new Formations.

The boxed set also includes a handy small-format paperback edition of Warhammer 40,000: The Rules.

This is a limited quantity product – ensure you don’t miss out by ordering your copy today.


Forgeworld – Salamanders Legion Firedrakes


Salamanders Legion Firedrakes  £45.00 (for 5 models)

The elite of the Salamanders Legion are those Legionaries known as the Firedrakes; veterans chosen not simply for their martial skill, but also because of their mental resilience and capacity for discipline and self-sacrifice; for these are values the Promethean Cult holds in high esteem. Tried and tempered in the flames of war, just as a blade is tempered in the flames of the forge, the Firedrakes are indefatigable and relentless, possessing a singular focus in battle which borders on the preternatural and legendary resilience; a matter as much to do with their phenomenal willpower as their superhuman physiology or superlatively fashioned arms and armour.


The Salamanders Legion Firedrakes are a complete multi-part resin kit, armed with thunderhammers and dragonscale pattern storm shields, designed by Keith Robertson. This kit is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from Wednesday 30th July.

New Games Workshop VS sets

It looks like GW is taking a page from Magic the Gathering – “Vs” Boxed Sets are here to stay!

It appear GW is going to turn these 2-army boxed sets into a regular “thing”.  Like Wizards of the coasts kicks out new starter sets regularly, so will GW,  “for a limited time only – so BUY BUY BUY!”

via Voice of the Chaos Gods 7-9-2014

GW will release other Campagin Books with included old expansions from the softcover era. Storm Claw will be not the last Campaign based boxed set, every half year there comes a new boxed sets of this kind. This Sets can be imperial guard vs. eldar, blood angels vs orks or other Themes.

The Mexican Ork says:

Stormclaw is not replacing DV, and is a Limited Edition set. The new minis will be limited to that box.

Now this makes a lot of sense.  With GW running as fast as they can to push the fluff and narrative side of their games, these types of dual army boxed sets accomplish a lot of things:

-They can be tied into semi-annual campaigns like we are seeing with Sanctus Reach.


-They allow GW to push out starter sets to spike the sales of two armies at a time.  (I’m betting the two closest armies who are getting new codices).

-It offers a great intro into the game for newcomers, who can split the boxed set and pick up the campaign books and any other tie-in products.

-It offers an easy allied contingent to existing players interested in the new factions.

-The “limited edition” gimmick returns with GW pulling the same thing we saw with the Webstore Space Marine minis and the Chaplain from Dark Vengeance.  We have seen GW crank out limited edition singles before to spike sales for the hobby enthusiasts – and I would not surprised to see them do it with these “VS” boxed sets.

These are effectively bundle deals easy for GW to kick out with minimal new minis (Stormclaw only has a handful of new minis in it).

These things can focus the game and the community around big “narrative events” in the Grimdark universe and can function almost like a semi-annual mini global campaign like we used to see in the era of Eye of Terror and Armageddon.

GW Release Schedule

The latest scuttlebutt schedule looks like this taking us into September:

Stormclaw Box Set (Orks vs Space Wolves)
Terrain week (remember those new Realm of Battle urban tiles)
Space Wolves (with codex)

Chaos (4 week release window, taking up all month)
-Nurgle big kit
-Plastic Plague marines
-More stuff, with no specific word on 40k vs WFb, or even CSM vs Daemons…

All rumors fall into the black hole of September.  GW has something “big and secret” in there for all their fans.

That’s all for now!

Author: Alec Peters
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