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40K SHOWCASE: Chaos Space Marine Heldrake

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Jul 29 2014
Garfy from Tale of Painters shares his Black Legion Heldrake on the blog today which he painstakingly painted by hand. 

This model took roughly two weeks to complete. It was a labour of love as I edge highlighted the metal trim. It was a bit tedious, but an absolute joy to paint. The model looks wicked evil. When they look this good you just want to get all the sub-assemblies finished as soon as possible so you can glue the finished model together. 
It was important for me get the Legion icon on there. The huge shoulder pads have eye motifs worked into them, this was perfect to represent the Eye of Horus. All I had to do was paint them yellow.
From above with it’s wings stretched outwards the sentient aircraft looks like a dark parody of an Aquila. Im really happy with my choice to paint the trim in three different colours. I think it’s helped break up the parts. The yellow is a much need spot colour to draw the eye in. The eavy metal Heldrakes are a confusing mass of trim.

The army I’ve painted so far is small. I want to add a Rhino next for the Chosen and the Sorcerer. I want to convert a couple of Chosen with Meltaguns for some top hatch action. I also want to paint up some Daemons so I can summon them using the Daemon Prince and Sorcerer

Let me know what you think in the comments? Do you have any tactical advice for me? How has the FAQ affected your Heldrake strategies?

Tale of Painters is a hobby blog by six experienced painters from all over the world, updated daily since 2011. Follow Tale of Painters for updates of their latest projects, inspirational showcases, high-class tutorials and reviews.

Author: Garfy
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