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HOBBY: Garfy Presents – Photography Showcase

Garfy 3 Minute Read December 23

Today Garfy wants to share with you his models, but in a totally different way. Gritty, atmospheric, cinematic shots that will bring the hobby to life. More after the jump.  These pictures were produced using a DSLR camera on a tripod with a long exposure (shutter is open for ages to allow a lot of […]

Unboxing Smaug from the Hobbit

Garfy 3 Minute Read December 16

IT”S HUGE! Garfy reviews Games Workshop’s Smaug the Terrible Dragon in video and high resolution close up photos.  In this three minute video I unbox the £295 monster that is Smaug. It’s an absolutely epic model, so please enjoy the video, subscribe, share and like it.   The box art is gorgeous. I think it’s […]

SHOWCASE: Garfy’s Orc Armies on Parade

Garfy 3 Minute Read October 28

Tale of Painter’s very own Garfy kindly shares his debut video with us, which showcases his Armies on Parade Board.  I’m pleased to premiere my Armies on Parade showcase video. This is my first video that I’ve made for the blog. I hope you like it, if you do like it, let me know. It […]

Tutorials: How to Paint Terminators and Genestealers from Space Hulk

Garfy 2 Minute Read October 7

Today Garfy hooks us up with three free, detailed photo tutorials for the models included in the Space Hulk Boxset and a bonus model.  I’m a big fan of sharing the painting knowledge and people who know me will already know of the large amount of tutorials I’ve produced for Tale of Painters. I wanted […]

Garfy visits Wayland Games Centre

Garfy 4 Minute Read September 27

I recently visited Wayland Games Centre and had a personal tour of the facilities by the General Manager; Stuart Mackaness.  Read on to found out more. Wayland Games are Europe’s largest independent retailer of hobby products. Situated in the South-East of the England, they have a strong mail order business posting all over the world. […]

W40K Showcase: Cinematic Space Hulk Photographs

Garfy 2 Minute Read September 14

Garfy manages to escape from an infested hulk to bring you these pictures. Back in 2010, I was studying Dreamweaver and I was tasked with creating my own website. I created these photoshopped images for the website (which never went live). It was to be a showcase site displaying my Tyranid army.  I wanted a […]

The Hobbit Tutorials: How to Paint The Hobbit Miniatures Series

Garfy 3 Minute Read August 26

Garfy kindly shares a whopping 24 high quality photo painting tutorials for the Hobbit Strategy Battle Game. I’m a huge fan of this range of models. I’ve been creating these tutorials since the The Hobbit boxed game was released because there wasn’t the support for the range. It’s been a labour of love, but the […]

40K SHOWCASE: Garfy’s Hawkshroud Imperial Knight Errant

Garfy 4 Minute Read August 14

It’s big, bright and beautiful. Garfy shares lots of pictures of his Imperial Knight! Noble Asteraceae’s throne thrummed into life. Ancient, unexplained technologies clicked and whirred like achey joints, an exhaust vent hissed as if the machine was angry. As the Noble sat down, he could feel the connectors joining the ports on his body. […]

40K SHOWCASE: Chaos Space Marine Heldrake

Garfy 3 Minute Read July 29

Garfy from Tale of Painters shares his Black Legion Heldrake on the blog today which he painstakingly painted by hand.  This model took roughly two weeks to complete. It was a labour of love as I edge highlighted the metal trim. It was a bit tedious, but an absolute joy to paint. The model looks […]

SHOWCASE: Warhammer 40,000 Second Edition Boxset

Garfy 3 Minute Read July 15

Garfy from Tale of Painters shows off the best 40k 2nd Edition Boxed Set you’ve ever seen! Hi, I’m Garfy, a blogger from Tale of Painters. Back in June 2013, I purchased and reviewed a brand new (still in shrink wrap) copy of the Warhammer 40,000 second edition game. I’m pleased to announce that I have now finished […]

Review: Citadel Technical Paints. Tutorial: Skeleton Warrior

Garfy 5 Minute Read July 8

This is a review of the technical paints from Citadel and a bonus tutorial on how I painted the above Skeleton. More after the jump.  Hi, I’m Garfy, a blogger from Tale of Painters. I’m pleased to present to you an extensive review of the following Citadel Technical paints: Ryza Rust, Typhus Corrosion, Nihilakh Oxide, Agrellan […]