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40K SHOWCASE: Taranis Imperial Knight

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Jul 3 2014

Come take a look at the prettiest Imperial Knight I’ve seen in a while.

House Taranis Imperial Knight by Tommy Soule

What I love about this knight is the weathering and sense of environment the basing and little details give it.  This Knight has been in the field, seen a lot of action, but still bears all the marks of a tough hardened warrior within.

The scores of purity seals, the chipped paint, and battle scars only act as further testament to the Knight’s tough nature. On a purely color related note, I like the snow as it makes the bright red extra contrasty.  The half white shin plates work to tie the Knight to the base, and give the entire model a unified presentation.


Well done!


~Wow, give it up for Tommy!

Author: Larry Vela
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